All the well-being for your employee in a single app

With sheerME BENEFITS, each company can top up its employees' wallet every month as a wellness benefit

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sheerME Partners

Official partnerships that rely on sheerME solutions

All in one place

Access to a dashboard, where the company can add employees, wallet value and monitor the well-being levels of its team

Advantages for your employees

Bookings & Payments 24/7

Book anytime, anywhere, when it's most convenient, without having to wait for someone to pick up the phone and confirm.

Wallet & Cashback

Earn money on each booking, get discount codes offered by our partners

Invite & Earn

Invite friends and receive a percentage of what they spend on the app. With sheerME you always have money in your virtual wallet to enjoy as you please

Over 100,000 wellness services in one place








Your employees valued having access to a wellness benefit

72% of employees confirm that well-being is now a priority in their lives

Increase Productivity

Professionals increase your performance, your creativity and capacity for innovation

Talent Retention

Retain professionals and improve their commitment

More motivation

Decreases conflicts, complaints, turnover, absenteeism and performance problems


Here are our answers.

How does sheerME Benefits work for businesses?

The employee has the possibility to use the value in wallet, whenever you book and pay for your service through sheerME, earning cashback on your virtual wallet.

How much do I need to invest?

Monthly charging amounts must be fulfilled in the agreement between sheerME and the Company adherent.

How is the payment made?

The payments will be carried out after the settlement of the monthly bill

What is included in the monthly fee paid by the company?

Access to the corporate dashboard, where you can add employees and monitor your team's well-being levels

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